So, a family friend of ours came in from Utah last week and I decided to show her some of my favorite local eateries. Needless to say, there’s no better way to show a tourist around than to give them a taste of the town. 
First Stop: Bottega Louie in Downtown Los Angeles on 7th and South Grand Av.  Starring in this image: Raspberry Tart, Hazelnut Brownie, and an Earl Grey Macaroon.  
Shit that kills me: fresh fruits, vivid colors, and that sexy gold detailing.  
Hot Spot Notes: This restaurant receives lots of wows for a first impression —probably because of the high ceilings, fancy molding and all white errrthannggg. It is a “go to" place because of the ambiance and the lovely details that they put into their food. In all honesty though, this is not a place where I will visit on my own on a regular basis. It was my second time there and if I had to take someone there again i’d be forcing myself. The food is kind of pricy for a college student’s standard and the taste of the food is unremarkable for the excessive hype that it receives. Park in the macy’s on 7th and Hope Street and get validation if you don’t like getting your wallet raped for parking. 
End Note: Great attention to detail. Taste comes second to presentation here [which is a sin in my book] but they make it pretty enough to make it pass as decent to the average food consumer.  Go twice but not three times. Get the portabello mushroom fries and order the pizza half one style/half another. Ask for complimentary sparkling water and order at last two pastry items before you leave and that’s about it in terms of ‘must have orders’.